Klepon / Ondeh-Ondeh

This snack is very popular in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia!

Indonesian people will call it "klepon" while Singaporean and Malaysian will call it "Ondeh-Ondeh"

You can have it as snack or dessert!

I always make green "klepon" but since it is for Christmas, I made red and green color "klepon"!

This time, on this Christmas, I made for two families who have never tried this dessert/snack at all!

The result, the like it! You can try to make it! Not many ingredients and so easy and simple!

Klepon/ Ondeh-Ondeh

250 gr glutinous rice flour
50 gr rice flour
150 ml water (you can add it when you think you need more)
Food color (you can use pandan paste)
Coconut sugar (as per needed)
200 gr grated coconut

- First, steam the grated coconut for 20 minutes and after that sprinkle salt to the steam grated coconut. Put it aside on a plate.
- In a large bowl, mix glutinous rice flour and rice flour, salt, water and food color. Mix well until the dough is not sticky anymore. Leave it aside.
- Meanwhile, cut the coconut sugar into slice.
- Take a little bit of the dough, make it circle and then press it. Put some coconut sugar on it (as seen in the picture below).
- Close it and make it circle again like a little ball. Keep doing that until you finish the dough.
- Boiled water in a pan, add in those little balls (doughs) and let it cook until floating and cook.
- When it is float and cook, take it out from the water and put it into the steam grated coconut until covered by steam grated coconut. Do it until all finish.
- Klepon is ready to serve!

Tips:- I use frozen grated coconut but it will be better if you use fresh grated coconut.
- Please pay attention when you add the coconut sugar, don't put it to much or too little.



I hope you will also enjoy it!
I know it is kind of late to say Merry Christmas now but still I want to say it now!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my readers and hope you enjoyed your time with your loved ones.

Love from
The Lazy Mom


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