Sweet and Spicy Potato Chip

This potato chips might not be the same as the potato chips that you usually find it at the snack section in the groceries shop. This potato chip usually become the friend of steam rice! 
This is one of my husband's favorite though he like the very spicy one! And I really happy to make this for him! I really love it every time I see him enjoying whatever I cook for him! 
Why don't you try to make this for your loved ones too! 
Sweet and Spicy Potato Chip

  • 1 kg Potato 
  • 4 lime Leaves 
  • 125 gr palm sugar or Cane sugar
  • 6 cloves garlics (minced)
  • 10 shallots (small size and slice)
  • 3 Big Red chilli (slice and you can throw the seeds if you want less spicy)
  • 50 ml water
  • salt 
  • 1 tbs tamarind paste
  • cooking oil 
  • Slice potatoes and soak in salt water. Wash and change with clean water, two times. The purpose is the potatoes will not be sticky each other when you fry it. 
  • Heat the pan, add cooking oil and fry all potatoes until crispy. Put aside.
  • Heat the pan, add cooking oil and saute shallot, garlics until smell nice, add in lime leaves, chili, mix well. 
  • Add in tamarind paste and salt, stir and add sugar and water and mix until it is sticky,.
  • At last, add in fried potatoes and mix well. 
  • Ready to serve! 
Does it sound simple? 
I hope you and your family and friends also like it. 
Happy Cooking!
-The Lazy Mom -


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