Gandul Rice (Nasi Gandul)

This rice is traditionally from one city at Java Island called Pati. I leaved there for 4 years (first four years of my life!) But I started to love this rice since I was in my high school year.
This is a nice rice but I admit that you will need more effort to make it. If I am the Lazy mom can make it, why don't you?
Should we start to discover the recipe now?
Gandul Rice (Nasi Gandul)

Meat Ingredients:
  • 500 gr beef (cut it into cube) - Use brisket or tenderloin.
  • 600 ml coconut oil
  • 3 lime leaves
  • 5 tbs sweet soy sauce
  • 2 tbs palm sugar
  • 2 tsp salt
  • cooking oil
Meat's Pureed Ingredients:
  • 10 cloves garlics
  • 7 shallots (small size)
  • 1 tsp coriander
  • 2 cm galangal
  • 2 cm lesser galangal (kencur)
  • 5 candle nuts
Soup Ingredients:
  • 300 gr beef cut into chunk.
  • 500 ml thick coconut milk
  • 1500 ml watery coconut milk ( I would mix 400 ml coconut milk with water)
  • cooking oil
  • 5 tbs sweet soy sauce
  • 2 tbs palm sugar
Soup's Pureed Ingredients:
  • 12 cloves garlics
  • 8 shallots (small size)
  • 2 cm ginger
  • 2 cm galangal
  • 2 cm lesser galangal (Kencur)
  • 5 candle nuts
  • 1 tbs coriander
  • 1 tsp dry shrimp paste (Terasi)
  • salt
Method for the meat:
  • Heat cooking oil, saute the meat pureed ingredients until it is smell nice. Add in the lime leaves. Mix
  • Add in coconut milk, palm sugar, sweet soy sauce and salt. Stir well.
  • Add in meat and continue to cook it with lower heat until the meat become tender and absorbed.
  • Put aside the meat and fry until it is brownies. You can either fry it or not.
Methods for Soup:
  • Boil the meat until tender. Put aside. 
  • Heat the pan, add cooking oil, saute the soup pureed ingredients until it smells nice and cooked. 
  • Boil watery coconut oil, add in the saute soup pureed ingredients, also add in the meat.
  • add in sweet soy sauce, palm sugar and salt. 
  • add the thick coconut oil and cook until it is boiling and continue stirring. 
  • Ready to serve. 
How to serve: 
  • On a plate, put banana leaf, add the rice and the meat on top. 
  • Add the soup on the top of it and sprinkle with fried shallots. 
  • You can add side dish like Fried Tempe and Brown egg. 
  • Ready to eat. 


It is kind of long recipe but it is worth to try! 
Hope this recipe will become your favorite too! 
Happy Cooking! 
-The Lazy Mom- 


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