Ice Cendol - Trial

Summer has started since last week though the weather has been so hot sometime since last month!
So what is your plan for your kitchen during this summer?
Me? I will have some ice cream for sure in the freezer as we need it! Other than that I also have some cool beverage in my refrigerator!
But other than that, I was thinking to try to make my own dessert! As you know homemade is always the best!
It is the famous Indonesian dessert! It is Ice Cendol!
This is my first time, the taste is there and it was so refreshing based on some people who tried this! It just the shape of cendol was still mess!
Definitely I will share the recipe soon as I will try to make again soon in early July! We will need this dessert for this summer!
So for this time, please just enjoy the picture of my homemade Ice Cendol!
Enjoy This Summer Season my friends!
Happy Cooking!
- The Lazy Mom -


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