Crab with Soy Bean Sauce

I post one Crab recipe before and it is spicy!
You don't like spicy food? I have another way to cook crab but it will not be spicy!

I have eaten this crab dish since when I was a little kid!
I love this so much! Once I cook for my whole family this dish when I was in my high school.

If you like crab you might want to try this recipe! Or maybe you have eaten this crab dish before!

For the recipe? Check this out!

(Kepiting Tauco)


2 big Dungeness crabs (Steam, clean and cut into pieces)
2 tbsp salted fermented soy bean sauce (I always buy YEO'S brand)
2 eggs (beat and fry, scramble and put aside)
5 cloves garlics (minced)
7 cloves shallots (Thinly cut)
2 tbsp Sweet Soy sauce
2cm ginger (smash)
150 ml water (adjustable as needed)
cooking oil


- Heat the pan and add cooking oil, fry salted fermented soy bean sauce (Tauco), ginger, garlics and shallots, until the color change
- Add water and let it boil
- Add eggs that have been scrambled and cooked, mix well
- Add in crabs and the sweet soy sauce, mix well

- Ready to serve!

Isn't easy?

If I am the Lazy Mom can cook this, I believe you can do even better than me :)

Happy Cooking
- The Lazy Mom -


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