Lazy Mom's Chilli Crab

"Trying something new is a challenge, perfect result is not important as long as we try our best."
- Yukusan -

Some people think it will be difficult to cook crab. So many thing to prepare and also will make our kitchen mess. I also had the same thought before until I try it my self. 
It is not difficult at all. 

Knowing that I am a Lazy Mom, I will not cook something complicated. I really want to make everything simple but the taste has to be nice! 

Why don't you try it too :) 



Dungeness crab - Steam and cut into 4 and clean it, put aside.
1tbs corn flour, dissolved in little bit water 
4 cm ginger, smash it 
200 ml water
3 tbs cooking oil

Pounded Ingredients:
10 red chilli
8 cloves shallots
6 cloves garlic 
1 tsp salt

Another Ingredients: 
1 tbs oyster sauce 
6 tbs tomato sauce
1 tsp pepper


- Heat the pan, add cooking oil and when it is ready, stir fry "Pounded Ingredients" together with ginger until it is smell nice. Add water and "another ingredients" and let it boil.

- Once it is boil, add the crab and mix. Lower the heat and let it stay for about 3-5 minutes.

- Lastly, add the corn flour which has been dissolved into the water and mix it until the gravy become thicker. 

- Ready to serve! 

Wow.. so fast and it is not difficult at all.

Happy Cooking! 
- The Lazy Mom -


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