Who is the Lazy Mom here?

Why do I choose Lazy Mom's Cooking as my blog's name?

Yeah, I admit that I am a Lazy Mom, especially when it is about cooking. Why? I do really like to do something simple and easy. For me, cooking sounds complicated.

So, do I cook? Yes. I was cooking something very simple dishes for my family. Soup only! So I only need to put all ingredients to the pan. And it is done. So simple.

I am so blessed that my family always eat whatever I cook without complain (They have no choice, I guess). 

But that is not all! I am not cooking everyday. Depend on my mood. Most of the time we will dine out or buy for to go. 

Recently, I do not know why suddenly I love to try to cook something different. I started to browse in the internet and try to get some simple recipe. 

Unfortunately, most of recipes that I want to try are not simple, but some indeed are simple.

I still try to cook and do some changing and make it more simple. Why? because I am the Lazy Mom.

The result? So far okay and the feedback from my family and friends is good!

So, if this Lazy Mom can cook all recipes in this blog with good results, I believe you can do better than me!

Why don't you start to look around and try what you want to try to cook! 

Home Food for Healthy Family.

Happy Cooking!
-- The Lazy Mom --


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