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Bubur Sumsum

About 1 mile from my parents house, when I was still very young, there was an old lady who sold porridge every morning. She had three type of porridges. I love three of them. I would bought it for to go or sometime I spent my breakfast time there at her small kiosk.

I left my parents house when I went to High School and since then I didn't really have chance to eat that grandma's porridge anymore.

At least, until now, I still can enjoy this porridge. This is one type of porridge that I usually bought from that grandma. And I am glad that I can learn how to make it my self and it is quite simple.
So now, I would love to share with you the recipe and hope you will like it too. I believe some of you who grew up in Indonesia knows this porridge. We call it BUBUR SUMSUM.

Here you go:


Porridge Ingredients: 

100 gram White Rice Flour
650 ml Coconut Milk
1 tsp Salt
3 Pandan Leaves (Optional)

Sauce Ingredients: 
200 gr Coconut Palm Sugar
200 ml Water
1 tsp Salt



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