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Banana Dessert (Kolak Pisang)

Honestly I have no idea the name of this dessert in English so I just write it as Banana Dessert. We call it "Kolak Pisang" in Indonesian language.

This dessert is quite popular in Indonesia, it is simple and tasty. You can either have it cold or hot!

I love to have it cold though but in this rainy day, I prefer to have it warm.

The recipe?
It is super simple and easy.

Kolak Pisang 


2 plantain banana (1 banana, cut into 8-10 pieces).
2 Japanese sweet potato medium size (1 potato cut into 7-8 pieces)
250ml Coconut Milk (you can adjust the amount)
100gr Coconut sugar (you can adjust the amount)

- Boil water with coconut sugar and sweet potato. Let it boiling and turn the heat to the low heat and    wait until the sweet potato become tender.
- Add banana and leave it until the banana also become tender (it should be only for short time).
- Last, add the coconut milk and keep stirring until it is boiling.
- Ready to serve if you prefer warm. Otherwise let it c…

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